Lecture of
Breathing Method

Lecture of Vocalized Breathing Method

井上佳香Deep breathing has been a fundamental method of keeping people healthy for over 4,000 years, predating even primitive medicine.

Since we live in a time of difficulty and complexity, I think that now is the time to learn effective methods of breathing for a better life.
We can coexist with the natural world and live every day under the guidance and protection of nature.
‘Vocalized Breathing Method’ is my original method of deep breathing which can harness the energy of nature in our bodies and mind more effectively, and can be done every day and anywhere.

My method has been refined with my 22 years of experience of teaching to over 30,000 people about the energy of nature such as the earth, winds, mountains and forests, similar to the scenery of my home in Soma city, Fukushima.

I teach my method in practice, not in complex theory.
My practice is improved by a more effective and accessible vocalized method of abdominal breathing then compared with Chinese Qigong, image training methods from the West, or existing breathing methods.

‘Vocalized Breathing’ is a method that has been created to improve flow of vital energy and blood throughout the body by imaging the natural flow of energy in the universe through deeper breathing based on the abdominal respiration, and supporting your well-balanced mind and body in only minutes a day.

  1. Learn how to imagine your energy flowing together with the energy of nature.
  2. You’ll learn how to warm your body, and you’ll soon get the hang of how to breathe deeper at the moment your body warms.
  3. Learn the fundamentals of the ‘Four Times’ deep breathing method and how to effectively project your voice with abdominal breathing.
  4. How to improve concentration and holistic self-care etc.
Course description
Each school has both group and individual learning.
Intensive course Four lessons (total 8 hours) + certificate of completion Fee; ¥157,500 (tax included)

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