keika inoueETERNITÉ is a total relaxation school and service established in 1989 under the slogan of ‘A Lifestyle to Enrich Your Heart and Mind”.

We look forward to continuing to support your holistic health and beauty.

Representative of ETERNITÉ
Keika Inoue


  • Born in Minato ward, Tokyo, Ms. Inoue began to learn Qigong and Yoga as a teenager, and traveled the world to study a breathing method. She was later qualified as a Qigong specialist in Shanghai, China
  • In 1989, she established ‘School of Healing ETERNITÉ’, and developed a new breathing method, and has taught it to over 30,000 people for over 22 years. She has taught artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, medical service workers and educators on the essence of her breathing method.
  • In 2002, after her 39-month journey learning Feng Shui, she constructed a 6,612 m² natural garden named ‘ETERNITÉ’ in Soma city, Fukushima. The garden has been adopted as the symbol of the school.
  • In 2005, she opened her dream healing salon ‘Rose Garden’ in the Shinko bldg. in Soma city, Fukushima. She worked as a Feng Shui consultant for stores in Omotesando, Tokyo, Marunouchi, Tokyo, Aeon Mall in Sendai city, Miyagi, and many other places.
  • In 2006, she created courses on aromatherapy, reflexology, bodywork, beauty salon treatments and other skills such as natural remedies and naturopathy for the mind and the body.
  • In 2009, she started a radio program in Sendai city, Miyagi, and began trying to heal listeners and heighten their sensitivity with her words and voice. She created a course on reading expression and voice training such as voice therapy, and changed the name of her school to ‘School of Healing and Voice therapy ETERNITÉ’.
  • Having continued her work in Tokyo, Sendai, and Soma area, she has also given counsel on a wide variety of mental and physical issues, including terminal care for cancer patients, gentle hand massage for the elderly as volunteer work, and breathing methods to train athletes’ minds.
  • She hopes to broaden her scope and improve her skills for years to come.