Bikan Breathing

Proclamation of ‘Bikan Breathing’

‘Bikan’ express the ‘feeling of spiritual beauty’.

This beauty gives you a graceful life that will make you feel grateful to the universe every day.
Your body and mind will be healthy, and gain their own beauty and sprit.
It will make friends, families and people around you happy.

You will be amazed how wonderful your life is and how you will be inspired by your everyday scenery.

Learn the fundamentals of the‘Four Times’deep breathing method (Vocalized Breathing Method)
It leads to a calm mind.
Learn an effective ab-toning exercise.
It helps you get a slender waist and beautiful body, improves your metabolism, as well as improving blood flow to relax your shoulders.
It improves your circulation and helps you in the pursuit of holistic beauty. You can also learn the secrets of beautiful skin.
This exercise is also part of the motion of belly dancing.
Learn how to use flower and light image training with this breathing method.
Flowers have wonderful energy and light has infinite power.
Imagining flowers and lights in your mind enhances your sensitivity and immune system.
  • You can take ‘Bikan Breathing’ courses at any of our sites (Tokyo, Sendai, or Fukushima).
  • Intensive private lessons and oversea lessons are available.

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